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Chicken Curry or Murghi ka salan is a staple at the Pakistani dinner table. This particular version is made with a base of onions and tomatoes, and is best served with roti.
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Murghi ka Salan | Chicken Curry with Onion and Tomatoes

Chicken Curry, Chicken ka Salan or well Murghi ka Salan if we are talking about proper translations is a dinner staple of the Pakistani household. The salan or gravy / curry in English is eaten with rice or roti. It can consist of any meat but with health problems on the rise these days chicken has become far more popular. Compared to red meat it also cooks in less time while being cheaper. The main ingredients used to make a…

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Zeera Aloo ki Sabzi (Spiced Cumin Potatoes with Gravy)

Zeera aloo ki sabzi is a Pakistani vegetarian dish comprising of sliced potatoes seasoned with cumin seeds and chili in a simple but delicious gravy. Serve with raita and chutney for a comforting dinner. Not many people like vegetables, but if there was one vegetable that everyone loved, it would be potatoes. Crispy French fries, potato wedges, mashed potatoes or perhaps a baked potato with sour cream, there’s got to be a recipe that you just can’t get enough of.…


Sunday Rambles: Chai, Chai Mugs & More

How many of you love Chai? I’m far from the 10-cups-of-Chai-a-day person. But I savor the moment whenever I have it. One needs peace for chai indulgence while reading something on the side. Knowing me, it is almost always a cookbook or food magazine. The secret ingredient in my Chai A pinch of Earl Grey Twinings is my secret ingredient. I use the regular tea for it’s strong karak flavor along with just a tiny bit of Earl Grey for…

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Travel Diaries: 7 things I learnt from my trip to Skardu

My trip to Skardu in Gilgit Baltistan was beautiful, stunning, chaotic and more than a little adventurous. You can check out my detailed blog posts on Shigar, Khaplu Palace & Deosai Plains or you can just read ahead to learn what to do & not to do when planning a trip to the northern areas in Pakistan. 1. Buy a map – do your research I know we are used to ‘Googling’ everything but in remote places like these a…

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Travel Diaries: A crazy road trip from Skardu to Islamabad

When we had booked our flights for Skardu we basically assumed everything would go as per schedule. The trains would leave on time, the flight would not be delayed and of course no cancellations. We had known that flights to Skardu do get cancelled but based on our research, September was good weather time. As the days neared to our trip, our worries grew but thankfully Islamabad to Skardu went normal – we did experience  delay of 1.5 hours but…

The bridge at Kala Pani at Deosai Plains
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Travel Diaries: Deosai Plains

Though I could have clubbed it in my Shigar Fort blog post, Deosai plains deserved a blog post on their own. Travel Diaries: Deosai Plains When we mentioned going to Skardu, everyone and I literally mean everyone told us to go to Deosai – it may not be the best time and it will take you the entire day but you just HAVE to go! So of course we were both ready to go, especially after our not so exciting…

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Travel Diaries: Trip to Serena Khaplu Palace

I am sure all of you must be wondering where I am, or well I hope you must be wondering about that. Nothing to worry about – it’s all happy news. The reason that I have been completely MIA since Eid is because I just got married (Alhamdullilah) and just like every other Pakistani wedding mine was just as long AND busy AND hectic. Running frantically from one place to another trying to remember all the things that we forgot…