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This delicious chicken paprika stroganoff is made from boneless chicken with mushrooms in a rich & creamy paprika based sauce.
Chicken/ Dinner/ International Recipes

Chicken Paprika Stroganoff

This delicious chicken paprika stroganoff is made from boneless chicken with mushrooms in a rich & creamy paprika based sauce. This is another recipe discovered quite by chance when I was looking for something to make for dinner. I was combing through my recipe books and searching through bookmarked recipes when I came across a recipe for chicken stroganoff. The recipe piqued my interest because it had mushrooms (which I absolutely love) but I just wanted to make it more…


Pina Colada

 Another quick and refreshing drink for the summer. It’s my favourite drink to order when eating out as I love the combination of pineapple & coconut and its an absolute breeze to make at home. Pina Colada  Ingredients 1 can of pineapple chunks – the 500 – 550 grams can size available in the market (depending on brand) Santan Coconut Milk Powder – 50 gram (1 Sachet) Sugar – 2 tablespoon Ice – 1 cup (crushed) Lemon Juice (1/2 teaspoon)…

Chicken/ Dinner/ International Recipes

Asian Themed Chicken Burger with Grilled Potatoes

This recipe came about after someone requested for a burger recipe – coincidently I was thawing chicken and deciding what to make for dinner and burgers seemed a great idea. I have never made burgers before so first I looked up a number of recipes online to understand the components, identified the flavors I wanted (something different from our typical kebab’s and with a good spicy kick to it) and then combined it together. I am so glad my first…

Chicken/ Ramazan & Eid/ Salads, Soups & Starters

Chicken Quesadilla’s

Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines to try when eating out. It incorporates so many flavors and textures due to the variety of the ingredients used; it has various spice levels so it appeals to the Desi palate, its great as casual fast food or as a fine dining experience; and there’s just so much of absolutely delicious food. Starting off with a bowl of corn chips with different types of salsa, then nacho’s or guacamole (eaten with the chips)…

Chicken/ Dinner/ International Recipes

Grilled Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce

My favorite thing to eat at restaurants here is usually what is termed as “chicken steak” with some sort of cream sauce termed as originating from a foreign country ranging from Morocco, Egypt, Spain or even Sicily. Real food connoisseurs find this a bit scandalizing because well steak is steak and there’s no such thing as a ‘chicken’ steak; what is termed as chicken steak is actually a grilled breast fillet. However, please note there is a cut of beef…

Chicken/ Dinner/ International Recipes

Chicken & Rice with White Sauce – Halal Food Cart Style

Anyone who has been to New York would have seen the many street food carts with signs marking them as ‘Halal’ serving what is known as Chicken/Gyro over Rice; Basically this platter of food consists of either chicken or lamb (also known as gyro) piled on top of a bed of rice alongside some salad & pita bread, and then drizzled with lots of white sauce and based on how much heat you can take, a dash or more of…

Chicken/ Dinner/ Pakistani Recipes

Ginger Wrapped Chicken with Rice

The final dish – with spring onions garnished on top So the next item that I made on Sunday was Ginger Wrapped Chicken with Rice; sounds interesting, no? The first time I had heard this dish was about like 6 years back in university and I was at a friend’s place for a project or a get-together and she mentioned that she made this dish; now this friend of mine (who might just be surprised that I remember this conversation…