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How to make Hung Curd

Hung Curd is a term that we read about quite often in different recipes or food forums. It sounds fancy, but is actually quite simple to make. All it requires is draining the liquid or whey from yogurt/curd, and the thick yogurt you are left with is essentially Hung Curd. It is similar to Greek yogurt in texture and can be used in recipes calling for the same.

Garlic and Lemon Pepper Dip made using Hung Curd

Garlic and Lemon Pepper Dip made using Hung Curd

It is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make delicious dips. Whisk it up, add seasonings and serve with raw vegetables/crudites or pita bread for a healthy appetizer to a dinner party. It’s a healthy alternative to mayonnaise and can be used to make all sorts of dips. The drainage of the liquid/whey from regular makes it an essential ingredient in the marination of meat since it ensures that the resultant marinade will be thick and not too liquid. It is also used to make cheesecakes, and can be sweetened with a bit of honey & sugar as a light dessert.

How to make Hung Curd

Step 1: Put yogurt/curd in muslin cloth lined strainer. 

How to Make Hung Curd

Step 2: Hang yogurt/curd to let the whey drain.


Step 3: Enjoy thick and creamy Hung Curd.



How to make Hung Curd
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Author: Kiran
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Hung Curd is made by draining the whey or liquid from fresh yogurt or dahi. The resulting thick yogurt can be used in the marination of meat, as a replacement to mayonnaise, in breakfast parfaits or used in desserts.
  • 1 litre yogurt/curd or dahi
  1. Line a fine mesh strainer with muslin cloth. Keep the strainer on a deep bowl which will be used to collect the whey.
  2. Pour fresh dahi/yogurt on the muslin cloth. Bring the four edges of the muslin together and tie a knot.
  3. Hang the tied muslin from a suitable handle and let the whey drip into the bowl below for 3-4 hours. One option is the kitchen sink or a kitchen cabinet.
  4. Alternatively in our hot weather it is better to let the yogurt drain in the fridge. In this case place a heavy lid or bowl on the tied muslin and keep the whole thing in the fridge for 3-4 hours or even overnight.
  5. Once the liquid whey has drained, you will be left with a creamy hung curd. Just whisk it and use in the recipe as required. Store hung curd in the fridge.
  6. The remaining whey can be used to make roti.
Hung Curd is similar to Greek yogurt, and can be used in recipes which call for Greek yogurt. It should be made using fresh dahi yogurt and not packaged.


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