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Everyday Menu Planning – Meat Dishes (Chicken, Mutton & Beef)

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Meat Dishes 
(Includes Everyday Curry’s, Mincemeat/Qeema Dishes, Kofta/Meatballs,  BBQ items, Special Party Dishes & Continental)

Below is a PDF document detailing different kinds of meat dishes that you can make regularly as well as for parties at your home – some of the recipes are already available on the blog (linked below) and the rest I will keep on adding as and when I get time. Please feel free to contribute any recipes & dishes that I have missed and are made at your house! 🙂

Chicken with French Fries & Peas – Dryish Chicken gravy with potatoes & peas, can be served with bread/roti or rice
Chicken Makhni – Butter Chicken

Lasagne  Chicken & Mushroom lasagne with Bechamel Sauce
Twister Chicken – Popcorn Fried Chicken served in a Tortilla Wrap
Homemade Pizza – Chicken, Garlic Mushrooms and other Vegetables as topping

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