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Mocca Coffee – Islamabad’s premium coffee house comes to Karachi

With one outlet in Islamabad and three in Lahore, Mocca Coffee is the latest entrant in the sea of coffee shops in Karachi. Their outlet is located at Khayaban-e-Shahbaz right next to Gymboree. Here is the Google maps link for reference. My husband and I, being avid foodies, decided to check the place out a few days ago. The minimalistic interior of the café is inspired from Scandinavian architecture. The walls are painted off-white with wooden accents around and food…

Pakistan/ Restaurant Reviews

Catching a quick meal at Rowtisserie Dolmen Mall Clifton

Rowtisserie started off in March 2013 as an outlet specializing in flame-grilled & rowtisserie chicken meals. Limited menu but whatever they had was spot-on. They had a small outlet at Khayaban-e-Shamseer but the majority of their business was through home delivery. Just recently they launched their new outlet at Dolmen Mall Clifton which I was waiting eagerly to go too. The outlet is located at the ground floor next to Espresso -this info is IMPORTANT because we went to the…

Pakistan/ Travel Diaries

Travel Diaries: 7 things I learnt from my trip to Skardu

My trip to Skardu in Gilgit Baltistan was beautiful, stunning, chaotic and more than a little adventurous.Here are 7 things you need to be careful about when planning a trip here. Check out my detailed blog posts on Shigar, Khaplu Palace & Deosai Plains or just read ahead to learn what to do and not to do when planning a trip to the northern areas in Pakistan. 1. Buy a map – do your research I know we are used…

Yes ... let's go on an adventure.
Pakistan/ Travel Diaries

Travel Diaries: A crazy road trip from Skardu to Islamabad

Our crazy trip along the Karakarom Highway or basically what happens when your flight from Skardu to Islamabad gets cancelled. When we had booked our flights for Skardu we basically assumed everything would go as per schedule. The trains would leave on time, the flight would not be delayed and of course no cancellations. We had known that flights to Skardu do get cancelled but based on our research, September was good weather time. As the days neared to our…

Pakistan/ Restaurant Reviews

A leisurely breakfast at Cafe Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto is one of my favorite places to hang out with friends – the food is good but it’s the peace & quiet that appeals to me more. One can sit inside or outside. One can finish their meal in an hour or sit for a few hours and catching up on old times. One can actually hear the other person – no crazy loud music and the tables are far enough that the gossip is only retained to…

The bridge at Kala Pani at Deosai Plains
Pakistan/ Travel Diaries

Travel Diaries: Deosai Plains

A trip to Deosai Plains & Sheosar Lake from Shigar Fort in Skardu. On the way we also stopped at Manthal Buddha Rock & Satpara Lake. Travel Diaries: Deosai Plains When we mentioned going to Skardu, everyone and I literally mean everyone told us to go to Deosai – it may not be the best time and it will take you the entire day but you just HAVE to go! So of course we were both ready to go, especially…

A trip to Serena Shigar Fort in Skardu Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan. The trip covers Manthoka Waterfall, Kachura Lake & Shangrila Resort.
Pakistan/ Travel Diaries

Travel Diaries: Shigar Fort & Residency

A trip to Serena Shigar Fort in Skardu Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan. The trip covers Manthoka Waterfall, Kachura Lake & Shangrila Resort. So the last blog post on my Skardu trip covered all my adventures at Khaplu Palace. This one is going to cover my trip to Shigar Fort & Residency in Shigar and the next one is about Deosai Plains. Travel Diaries: Shigar Fort, Upper Kachura Lake & Shangrila Resort Shigar is about 45 minutes away from Skardu airport…