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"These assorted cheese balls look pretty and are a cinch to make. Serve with Peek Freans Butter Puff crackers and impress the guests at your next party"
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Cheese Balls with Butter Puff Crackers

“These assorted cheese balls look pretty and are a cinch to make. Serve with Peek Freans Butter Puff crackers and impress the guests at your next party” I love the concept of appetizers – finger foods usually served before a meal or between mealtimes. Sometimes called hors d’oeuvres, antipasti, or starters they can range from the simple to the complex depending on the amount of time you have and the occasion one is making them for. Tiny little bites to…

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How to make Hung Curd

Hung Curd is a term that we read about quite often in different recipes or food forums. It sounds fancy, but is actually quite simple to make. All it requires is draining the liquid or whey from yogurt/curd, and the thick yogurt you are left with is essentially Hung Curd. It is similar to Greek yogurt in texture and can be used in recipes calling for the same. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make delicious…

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Onion Rings

I have such a backlog of recipes & reviews to put up on this blog and I am just not getting the time to do it all. It’s Ramadan and even though we technically have to work shorter hours, there’s just so much to do – managing office work & house chores & taking out as much time as possible for prayers & spiritual reflection. This time, I am just going to proceed with the recipe directly – no introductions…

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Everyday Menu Planning – Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetables (Includes Desi Pakistani Style Vegetables, Desi + Continental Style Vegetables and Continental Vegetables)Below is a PDF document detailing different kinds of vegetable dishes that you can make regularly at your home – some of the recipes are already available on the blog (linked below) and the rest I will keep on adding as and when I get time. Please feel free to contribute any recipes & dishes that I have missed and are made at your house! 🙂Vegetarian Recipes on…

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Salad Greens with Roasted Garlic Dressing

Continuing on with posting recipes for salads, here’s a recipe for another simple green salad with roasted garlic dressing. With oranges going out of season, it can easily be substituted with other fruits (grapefruit, pear, or more apples). Garlic in the dressing might seem odd, but once garlic is roasted, it loses its bitter raw flavor, and becomes mild & sweet. Ever since I discovered how amazing roasted garlic is through the tomato soup I made in winters, I have been…

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I was just checking out my blog stats and I am done to about 20-40 pageviews a day from a considerably high number earlier. Just goes to show what happens if I don’t update this blog on a regular basis (Ouch).  But I am resolving to spend a bit more time on posting recipes since I have been receiving some amazing feedback on how much my recipes are being enjoyed by people! So just motivated to share more. Will probably…

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Green Salad with Fruits & Nuts in a Honey-Yoghurt Dressing

After I got the hang of the olive oil, lemon juice, yoghurt & mustard dressing, I started experimenting with something different. This time I made a salad with fruits & nuts with a honey based dressing – loved the slightly sweet dressing with the grapefruit & olives. The carrot is only there because I had one lying around so I just tossed it in the salad, but wouldn’t recommend adding it otherwise. Fresh Salad with Fruits & Nuts with Honey…