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Peri Peri Chicken Sandwich

Another experiment this Ramadan which Alhamdullilah turned out really well. I was planning to make grilled chicken & cheese subway style sandwiches using French bread but the store near my place was out of it. Since I really couldn’t change recipes at that time, I decided to just buy multi-grain bread and proceed from there. I was expecting these to just taste like typical sandwiches but baking them in the oven instead of in the toaster oven individually just made…

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Cheesy Potato Skins

I decided to make potato skins today – I made them at 7:30 pm for Iftar and I am now typing the recipe at 1:49 am in the morning.  This is probably the first time I have typed out a recipe this quickly but I did not anticipate the amount of requests I would get for this recipe.    Of course, the fact that I shared it on my own Facebook page, on other Facebook forums, Instagram & Twitter might have…

Ramazan & Eid/ Snacks/ Vegetarian

Onion Rings

I have such a backlog of recipes & reviews to put up on this blog and I am just not getting the time to do it all. It’s Ramadan and even though we technically have to work shorter hours, there’s just so much to do – managing office work & house chores & taking out as much time as possible for prayers & spiritual reflection. This time, I am just going to proceed with the recipe directly – no introductions…

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I was just checking out my blog stats and I am done to about 20-40 pageviews a day from a considerably high number earlier. Just goes to show what happens if I don’t update this blog on a regular basis (Ouch).  But I am resolving to spend a bit more time on posting recipes since I have been receiving some amazing feedback on how much my recipes are being enjoyed by people! So just motivated to share more. Will probably…

Ramazan & Eid/ Recipes/ Salads, Soups & Starters/ Snacks

Kung Pao Chicken Wontons made Square

 This Ramazan I decided to try my hand at making Wontons. I had bookmarked this recipe a long time back from this Desi blog that I follow titled “Hunger & Haw Hai“. The recipe itself was totally my style since it featured one of my favourite Chinese dishes as the basis of the filling.   Unfortunately, all my dreams of my wontons looking similar to the stunning photographs of the original recipe failed. The wonton sheets that I had gotten…

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Have a backlog of recipes that I have been meaning to post and just not getting the time these days. Have just been occupied with work for the past few weeks, and with Ramazan here, its become more busy with the Sehri & Iftar preparations since my mother’s not in town so I have to do the preps myself.  Then with the spare time that I have, I try my best to do as much Ibidat as possible. So yeah,…