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Chicken Quesadilla’s

Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines to try when eating out. It incorporates so many flavors and textures due to the variety of the ingredients used; it has various spice levels so it appeals to the Desi palate, its great as casual fast food or as a fine dining experience; and there’s just so much of absolutely delicious food. Starting off with a bowl of corn chips with different types of salsa, then nacho’s or guacamole (eaten with the chips)…

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 I absolutely love the Mezze platter served in middle eastern restaurants; a bit of this and a bit of that all combined together with toasted pita bread that can be had either as an appetizer or as a complete meal. The first time I had Falafel was in this middle eastern cafe in New York and it was in the form of a sandwich with hot crispy Falafel topped with a salad and drizzled with tzatizki sauce; its a delicious…

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Mix Chaat

Chaat is a quintessential street food here in Pakistan, available in many different varieties from the basic mix chaat, dahi bara, sev puri with the introduction of new varieties like the Samosa chaat. Personally I am not a fan of eating chaat from outside because the vendors mix everything up and it all becomes spicy and soggy; the only chaat that I like so far is the Meethi chaat from Gazebo which has just the right blend of ingredients and…