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This lemon garlic chicken starts off with browning the chicken and then cooking it in a garlicky lemony gravy that is best served with buttery noodles. 
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Lemon Garlic Chicken

This lemon garlic chicken starts off with browning the chicken and then cooking it in a garlicky lemony gravy that is best served with buttery noodles. There are some recipes that you just want to make at once. They make you forget about the list of chores that need to be completed, the TV shows that you could be watching, and instead you are standing in the kitchen with ingredients laid out on the counter.   This lemon garlic chicken…

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I was just checking out my blog stats and I am done to about 20-40 pageviews a day from a considerably high number earlier. Just goes to show what happens if I don’t update this blog on a regular basis (Ouch).  But I am resolving to spend a bit more time on posting recipes since I have been receiving some amazing feedback on how much my recipes are being enjoyed by people! So just motivated to share more. Will probably…

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This delicious lasagne made with mincemeat, white sauce, mushrooms and lots of cheese is seasoned with Pakistani spices for a Desi kick.  The spelling of lasagne has always confused me. Is it lasagna or lasagne? Turns out both are correct, depending on the speaker’s origin. English speakers from North America call it lasagna whereas people outside North America use lasagne. The word itself originates from the Italian language, because of course, the recipe is from Italy. In Italian, lasagna is…

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Shawarma Chicken Wraps

Hello everyone! Today I am featuring a middle eastern inspired dish. I am sure everyone must have had shawarma’s in one form or the other – either from the roadside stall or at a dhabba/restaurant or even at weddings. I wanted to try making one at home to experiment with flavors and adust as required for the next time :). I also came across this wonderful recipe online and it just called out to ‘make me’ – made a few…

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Asian Themed Chicken Burger with Grilled Potatoes

This recipe came about after someone requested for a burger recipe – coincidently I was thawing chicken and deciding what to make for dinner and burgers seemed a great idea. I have never made burgers before so first I looked up a number of recipes online to understand the components, identified the flavors I wanted (something different from our typical kebab’s and with a good spicy kick to it) and then combined it together. I am so glad my first…

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Grilled Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce

My favorite thing to eat at restaurants here is usually what is termed as “chicken steak” with some sort of cream sauce termed as originating from a foreign country ranging from Morocco, Egypt, Spain or even Sicily. Real food connoisseurs find this a bit scandalizing because well steak is steak and there’s no such thing as a ‘chicken’ steak; what is termed as chicken steak is actually a grilled breast fillet. However, please note there is a cut of beef…

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Chicken & Rice with White Sauce – Halal Food Cart Style

Anyone who has been to New York would have seen the many street food carts with signs marking them as ‘Halal’ serving what is known as Chicken/Gyro over Rice; Basically this platter of food consists of either chicken or lamb (also known as gyro) piled on top of a bed of rice alongside some salad & pita bread, and then drizzled with lots of white sauce and based on how much heat you can take, a dash or more of…