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Granola Crusted Chicken Tenders

This delicious & healthy recipe features baked granola crusted chicken tenders that are made using artisanal granola from Nora got Sweet Tooth. About nine months back or so I saw this advert by a new home caterer who was planning to introduce granola and meusli. The advert piqued my interest because I love granola and it is the easiest breakfast possible. Add yoghurt/milk and you are done. A few days later I messaged her to ask for the prices. She…

This simple recipe will take you back to the Desi chicken patties you used to get from the corner bakery. Crisp & flaky puff golden pastry filled with shredded chicken in a creamy white sauce.
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Desi Chicken Patties

Fresh from the bakery oven, these Desi chicken patties were (still are) one of my favorite childhood snacks. Crispy puff pastry that kept on flaking with every bite, the ‘milky’ chicken filling and the top circle of puff pastry that we would eat plain or dip in tea. The round ones were always stuffed with chicken, and the triangle ones were usually stuffed with potatoes/vegetables. Unfortunately, concerns of hygiene have limited my intake of chicken patties. Though they are available…

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Peach & Plum Crumble

Fresh peaches & plums are mixed together then baked with a brown sugar & oats crumble topping. Serve warm with whipped cream or vanilla ice-cream.   For those of you who are following my Facebook page, you would know that I am out of town on a vacation. As much as I am enjoying spending time with the family & sight-seeing one of the best parts about this trip has to be all the yum food that I get to…

This is a quick & simple recipe for a cheesy chicken casserole bake made using chicken mince, white sauce, ketchup and lots of mozzarella cheese on top.
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Cheesy Chicken Casserole Bake

This is a quick & simple recipe for a cheesy chicken casserole bake made using chicken mince, white sauce, ketchup and lots of mozzarella cheese on top. We all have those days when we want comfort food – something quick, scrumptious and with lots of melted cheese. This chicken & cheese casserole is one of those recipes. Not only is it simple to make but it lends itself to endless variations all limited only by the contents of your fridge.…

This delicious loaf adapted from a Curtis Stone recipe has to be my favorite banana bread recipe ever. Just make sure you use ripe banana's for the best flavor.
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Banana Bread

I have tried out quite a few recipes of banana bread over the years but this particular recipe has to be the best I have tried. It’s by Curtis Stone who who is one of my favorite celebrity chefs courtesy MasterChef Australia (need to watch the latest season). A friend had requested me to make it for her, and she loved it so much that she promptly ordered three more.Turns out it was the only thing that her sister (who…

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Even though Lasagne is an extremely popular dish, I just never tried making it. The first time that I made it was when a friend sent me some in return for some cookies I sent her (everyone should have friends like these).  It was hands down, the best Lasagne ever since it incorporated all those things that I love. Chicken Mince instead of beef mince – check Properly seasoned white sauce with chicken instead of bland white sauce – check…

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Guest Post – Butter Cookies

[Kiran] – Hello Everyone. Guest Posts while blogging are like a mini-vacation with benefits – a long weekend spent chilling & relaxing combined with an assistant who is doing all the work ;). I still do love blogging, but this just gives me more time to relax and think about my next recipes, and I do have some good ones in store for this month.   So today is a guest post from my cousin, who will never cook anything…