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The problems with Desi small talk

As a brown girl living in Pakistan, who didn’t get married till the age of 30, I have been subjected to a lot of ‘Desi small talk’ aka extremely personal questions from the most random people around me. Mostly female, but not necessarily aunties. Questions about my salary, about my weight, about my hijab and of course when I would get married and start producing babies. When we meet people abroad, small talk revolves around the weather, hobbies, what the…

Party food ideas on a budget. Idea number 2 is the evergreen one dish party where everyone makes one dish and brings it to the hosts house where it is served and enjoyed by everyone.
Lifestyle/ Party Planning

Party Food Ideas on a Budget

Hosting a dawat can be expensive, and that is why I have come up with party food ideas on a budget. Serve delicious food, and enjoy the company of your loved ones without breaking the bank.  It’s always fun when loved ones come over. Good food, lots of laughs, reminiscing about old times, and just catching up on gossip is always enjoyable. But throwing parties regularly can be expensive. Here are some tips that will let you entertain, but in…

Lifestyle/ Party Planning

How to host a board games night?

Tips on how to host a successful board game night for family & friends. Skip the regular dinner and do a different style of party this time around. My post on having a gaming night with family and/or friends resulted in a lot of people asking for advice on how to host one. Here are some of my tips on hosting an entertaining game night. Make the guest list Figure out who to invite, and the number of people to…

Invite friends and family over to have some game night fun. Options for board games include Sequence, Pictionary, Taboo, Cranium and more.
Lifestyle/ Party Planning

Game Night Fun

Skip the traditional dinner party, and invite friends and family over to have some game night fun. Options for board games include Sequence, Pictionary, Taboo, Cranium and of course handy dandy playing cards. I love board games, and have extremely fond memories associated with them. Playing Pictionary with friends the middle of breaks between classes in university. Staying up all night playing Taboo with cousins in the candle night in the middle of an electricity breakdown. Starting a game of…

Mirchi Tales Reveal

From Caramelized Confessions to Mirchi Tales

The journey of this blog from caramelized confessions to Mirchi Tales. It’s taken months of planning, but hoping you love the end result! The journey of this blog has been challenging. There have been days without even one page view on the blog, and I was so disheartened that I wanted to quit; and then the next day I would get a message full of praises from a reader whose family loved the recipe I had shared. It was the…

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A visit to Neco’s Natural Cafe and Store

A visit to Necos Natural Cafe & Store at Bukhari Commercial, Karachi to try their wholesome and healthy food. Our favorites were the spinach and artichoke dip, the special pizza and the fish in lemongrass. A few days ago, I was invited for a food tasting at Neco’s Natural Store and Cafe with two other friends. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I am a fan of Neco’s (remember that Twix cheesecake).…


Sunday Rambles: Chai, Chai Mugs & More

How many of you love Chai? I’m far from the 10-cups-of-Chai-a-day person. But I savor the moment whenever I have it. One needs peace for chai indulgence while reading something on the side. Knowing me, it is almost always a cookbook or food magazine. The secret ingredient in my Chai A pinch of Earl Grey Twinings is my secret ingredient. I use the regular tea for it’s strong karak flavor along with just a tiny bit of Earl Grey for…