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Desserts by The Saucy Mistress in Karachi
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Desserts by The Saucy Mistress

Ordering some desserts from The Saucy Mistress … Anyone who is active on social media & Facebook must have heard of ‘The Saucy Mistress’. As if her scrumptious desserts weren’t enough her witty remarks and sarcastic sense of humor will make anyone cheer up. I remember discovering her page in 2013. At that time she did dips & dressings & cooking sauces and I remember being so impressed with not just her line of products but the way she described…

Pakistan/ Restaurant Reviews

Cookie Cups by Karamel

I am a person who prefers to eat at home most of the time and I can sometimes be quite finicky when eating out / ordering in. The reason being that I inevitably compare the price I pay versus not just with the quality & taste of the food but also the fact that I can potentially make it at home at a fraction of the cost. So if I order in or eat out at a restaurant multiple times,…

A book review of Summers Under the Tamarind Tree - Recipes and Memoirs from Pakistan by Sumayya Usmani.
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Summers Under the Tamarind Tree – Review

A book review of Summers Under the Tamarind Tree – Recipes & Memoirs from Pakistan by Sumayya Usmani. I love reading! Books have been my companion for as long as I can remember. My favorite genre has to be fantasy – tales filled with magic and mystery maybe a dragon or two. However, I keep switching from genre to genre depending on my mood. There was a time in university when all I would read was chick-lit and romance – predictable…

Similar to Greek yoghurt, hung curd is made by draining the liquid whey from fresh yogurt or dahi. It can be used in dips, marinades or parfaits.
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How to make Hung Curd

Similar to Greek yoghurt, hung curd is made by draining the liquid whey from fresh yogurt or dahi. It can be used in dips, marinades or parfaits. Hung Curd is a term that we read about quite often in different recipes or food forums. It sounds fancy, but is actually quite simple to make. All it requires is draining the liquid or whey from yogurt/curd, and the thick yogurt you are left with is essentially Hung Curd. It is similar…

Pakistan/ Restaurant Reviews

Cosmopolitan Cafe – Karachi

Cosmopolitan Cafe Cosmopolitan Cafe: Visited this new eatery located at E-street Clifton a few weeks ago, and found it to be a promising addition to the upscale cafes in Karachi. The modern decor, with the hand-painted mural depicting the cityscape of Karachi invites one to come inside & relax. The scrumptious desserts makes one want to linger over coffee & dessert with friends or family. For more details about the place, and the menu on offer, please check out my…

Magnum Store Launches in Karachi
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Magnum Store Launch

Quite a few of you must have seen the photos that I shared of the Magnum store and the personalized Magnum that I made on my Facebook page. Here’s my write-up of that same event. Picture provided by Creative Chaos Magnum Pakistan held an exclusive Digital Launch on 14th September 2014 for bloggers & twitterati. Ice-cream being one of my favourite desserts, and since I am a blogger, I was very excited to attend. The event was scheduled at 5 pm…

Pakistan/ Restaurant Reviews


Pantry – A globally inspired cafe “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper”   Breakfast is the topic of discussion on my Facebook page these days – lots of quick & healthy ideas. But Sunday’s are meant for lazing around & a leisurely breakfast in the midst of family & friends. Breakfast at home has its own charms, but the not having to clean up anything (except your wallet) experience that you get when…