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Starting off with Salad 101 – Cleaning & Storing Greens

Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Leafy Green Salad & our Desi Kachumber. They all taste fundamentally different but all these salads have one thing in common and that is ….. The Dressing. The dressing whether its as simple as olive oil and lemon juice or as complicated as homemade ranch dressing with about 10 ingredients is what brings the salad together and makes it delicious!    My recent interest in salads (evident from those following me on Facebook) was a result of a chance…

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How to Make Buttermilk

Please ‘like’ me on Facebook to keep updated with new posts, tips & tricks, or to ask me any questions: Kay’s House of Treats  I have also started posting tips & tricks on my Facebook page, but I am deciding to post them on the blog as well because its much more easy to open the blog then to login to Facebook and then open my page, and then open the notes section.  Starting off the tips with some easy substitutions.…