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Catching a quick meal at Rowtisserie Dolmen Mall Clifton

Rowtisserie started off in March 2013 as an outlet specializing in flame-grilled & rowtisserie chicken meals. Limited menu but whatever they had was spot-on. They had a small outlet at Khayaban-e-Shamseer but the majority of their business was through home delivery.
Just recently they launched their new outlet at Dolmen Mall Clifton which I was waiting eagerly to go too. The outlet is located at the ground floor next to Espresso -this info is IMPORTANT because we went to the 2nd floor & then had to come down.

Rowtisserie at Dolmen Mall Clifton

The inside looks like the deck of a ship

Since it started, Rowtisserie has emphasized the nautical theme in it’s communication – whether it’s the blue & biege color in their communication, the ship iconography & their catchy slogans. This new outlet kept the theme going because the moment you enter you feel you are in the deck of a ship. You can go up the deck and sit on the upstairs floor or sit on the ground floor. The accents are lots of brown wood with blue tiles – love those tiles! There’s even an anchor on the top deck. Sound levels were normal – conversation buzz interspersed with a fun music at a low pitch. One could talk at a normal pitch but not hear the sound from the table next to them.










So far I have been to the outlet two times – twice in a week just shows how good it was!
The first time was during the office lunch hour – something I rarely do because no matter how many times we tell the restaurant to hurry up, they never do! But Rowtisserie served us on time even thought half the restaurant was full. Full points on service. The second time we went in the evening and while the service was good it was a bit over-zealous. Getting asked again & again if we want to order something else when we have refused is a bit annoying.
Here’s a review of all that I ordered.

Mulligatawny Soup
Inspite of the fancy name, Mulligatawny is actually a Desi soup made with lentils, onions and curry spices.
Our first comment – so much better than the one you get at Lals upstairs! Creamy with the lentils providing a little bite at the end; Subtly spiced with lots of chicken.
Cost: Rs. 250 (excluding taxes)

The mulligatawny soup at Rowtisserie, Dolmen Mall Clifton

The mulligatawny soup at Rowtisserie, Dolmen Mall Clifton













Mezze Platter
This had hummus, muttabal, tzatziki, feta cheese & olives along with pita (choice of white or brown), pickles & grilled chicken. The menu had mentioned tabouleh too but that wasn’t there. Loved the chicken, the hummus & the tzatziki from the platter. The muttabal didn’t have enough eggplant flavor in my opinion. Would have preferred the pita to be in smaller pieces as it’s easier to dip.
Cost: Rs.650 (excluding taxes)

Mezze Platter with Grilled Chicken at Rowtisserie, Dolmen Mall Clifton

Honestly, the grilled chicken feels a little left out at the right.

Flame-Grilled chicken (Quarter)
Served with row sauce, garlic sauce, pickle & pita
This is my absolute favorite on the menu. Succulent chicken, the sauce on top and then you dip it in the row sauce AND garlic sauce together! Yes, you need to dip it in both. Best comfort food ever. It gets more than a little bit messy to eat but that’s why they provide you wet wipes at the beginning of the meal. You can bother with a knife & fork in the beginning but it needs to be eaten with your hands for the best flavor.
Cost – Rs.465 (excluding tax). But if you order the Row meal (with side & drink) it costs Rs.695 (excluding tax).

Flame grilled chicken at Rowtisserie, Dolmen Mall Clifton

Flame grilled chicken – the best thing on the Rowtisserie menu!

Dolmen Mall Clifton has become the choicest place in the city for new outlets and Rowtisserie is a welcome addition. Delicious food served quick but with the convenience of a proper sitting area versus the food court upstairs. It’s bound to be packed during lunch hours with the work crowd & the weekends with families.  The service is quick though a bit too enthusiastic – reminds me of Kolachi.  The pricing point can be considered premium if one compares it to our local chicken tikka but if you compare it to other casual cafes / restaurants its almost the same.  The addition of sandwiches, pasta & even breakfast to their menu means that there are options to suit all palates, however, there’s no beef or mutton so that might disappoint the meat lovers.

Rating (4.375 out of 5):

Food: 4.5 | Ambiance: 4.5 | Service: 4 | Value for money: 4.5

The menu at Rowtisserie, Dolmen Mall Clifton

The menu at Rowtisserie, Dolmen Mall Clifton

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